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Porcelain veneers are one of the most versatile cosmetic treatments available. They can also provide the most dramatic results within the least amount of time. Veneers are placed on the front surface of the visible teeth of your smile. This works to hide countless imperfections within your smile, including teeth that are stained, crooked, gapped or chipped. Dr. Perkins has a keen eye for balancing skill and artistry in placing veneers and using other cosmetic dental services to create the most attractive smile for each patient.

Benefits of a Smile Makeover:

  1. Upper front teeth are too short. They may not show during normal conversation and can thus make a person look older. Porcelain veneers can correct this by making the teeth longer so that they show under normal function.
  2. Teeth are too dark. Brightening the smile by placing porcelain veneers that are brighter, whiter and contrast skin tones. Choosing natural-looking veneers is always a top priority.
  3. Upper front teeth are set too far back in the mouth appear like they are in the shadows. A smile makeover can bring those teeth forward using porcelain veneers, which will make them more visible and attractive.
  4. Lips may not be full if they lack support from the teeth. Teeth that are set back too far in the mouth or angled back will not provide adequate lip support. Properly designed and constructed porcelain veneers can essentially bring the teeth further forward to create a more optimal lip appearance.
  5. Too much gums show when you smile. Correcting a “gummy” smile can be done by easily and painlessly removing excess gum tissue so that the full length of the upper front teeth can be enhanced.
  6. The upper front teeth should be angled slightly forward. If an upper front tooth is angled back it will not reflect light properly, it will not support the lips properly and the upper front teeth will not show the way they should. Refer to Dr. Perkins’ blog to learn more, “What Makes a Smile Extraordinary”.
  7. A fuller smile can be created using porcelain veneers in cases where the upper teeth fail to fill up the “frame” made by the lips.

With porcelain veneers done at our office, you should expect that these veneers will not come off. In fact, they will last indefinitely and will not chip or break unless you are a severe bruxer and grinder who does not wear the fabricated nightguard as instructed. Porcelain materials used today are extremely strong and if placed in the proper bite relationship, they should function beautifully and permanently. NO dentist can insure that anything will last “forever,” but in 25 years of performing smile makeovers, Dr. Perkins has never had to redo porcelain veneers.

Our Guarantee on Your Smile Makeover


Process of Establishing The Perfect Smile In Our Office

Start to Finish:

On the FIRST visit, we typically try and mimic the “dream” smile that we are trying to create, albeit in a more preliminary form. We typically take tooth colored acrylic and place it on the patient’s upper front (and side teeth) so as to mimic the length, position (front to back), fullness, etc. that we are trying to achieve. The acrylic is placed on the existing teeth using non-invasive techniques. We refine according to the patients requests in order to make a template (stent), which allows us to make extremely esthetic temporary restorations (on the very next visit) that the patient will wear for approximately 2 weeks.

Visit #2

Conservative changes are made to the patient’s existing teeth and old restorations may be removed so that we can have the space necessary to place the new porcelain restorations to specifications. At the patients request, we can remove little or all of the existing tooth structure that would likely compromise our ability to make the desired changes.

Impressions are taken and the temporaries are placed using the “stent” that was fabricated during visit #1. Temporaries are then refined and polished. During the next two week period, the patient will have an unrushed opportunity to determine if all of his/her criteria and goals have been met. If not, we be able to make the changes desired until the patient is completely satisfied.

Visit #3

Remove temporaries and place each porcelain restoration into position to make certain that they look exactly like the temps (only in porcelain). If the final restorations are not exactly like the temporaries, then we will send them back to the lab for correction. We will not bond the restorations in without the patient’s total satisfaction. When bonding the porcelain restorations in place, we use the most advanced bonding materials and protocol available, which is remarkably strong.

Now, it’s time to relax and enjoy your new, perfect smile!


Disclaimer: These Are Actual Results For Patients Of Dr. Bob Perkins. Cosmetic Dental Results Can Vary Between Patients.

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